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Parking Information


Food and Beverage

Mobile Phones

Flowers and Balloons

Taking Notes


Hope Cottage provides accommodation for patients and visitors who have travelled long distances to receive vital treatment or require accommodation while a loved one receives treatment. Hope cottage is located on level 2, building D (same level as ICU). If you require accommodation while a loved one is in ICU please ask any one of our staff members to make a referral to the ICU social worker. Please note there is limited availability in Hope cottage. 

If you are unable to secure a room at Hope Cottage alternative accommodation options include Airbnb for short- or long-term options and nearby hotels. Accommodation is also available at the following hotels, which are in close proximity to the hospital. Patients and visitors will need to make their own arrangements. 


Littmore Suites Kingswood 

Approximately 350m from Nepean Hospital

10 Hargrave Street Kingswood NSW 2747 Australia

(02) 4712 8188    

Jamison Hotel

Approximately 1.4km from Nepean Hospital

186 Smith Street Penrith NSW 2750

(02) 4721 5764 

Overlander Hotel Motel

Approximately 2.7km from Nepean Hospital

180 Richmond Rd, Cambridge Gardens NSW 2747

(02) 4730 2955 


Mercure Hotel

Approximately 2.8km from Nepean Hospital

Panther Place Penrith NSW 2750

(02) 4721 7700 


The Select In Penrith

Approximately 3km from Nepean Hospital

708 High Street Penrith NSW 2750

(02) 4720 4600 


Quest Hotel Penrith

Approximately 4km from Nepean Hospital

83 Lord Sheffield Circuit Penrith NSW 2750

(02) 9136 1100 


Disclaimer: The list of accommodation providers in the area is in no way a recommendation for any of the businesses contained in the list. The arrangements you make to stay at any of the listed establishments is a private arrangement between you and the provider. 

Parking Information

Nepean Hospital car park is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There are multiple car parks across the Nepean Hospital campus. The closest car park to ICU is P1, hospital access from P1 is on level 2 upper. P1 entry is via Gate 2 on Parker Street (The Northern Road) southbound. The upper levels in this car park have 3 hour (3P) time restricted spaces from Monday to Friday. All day parking is available on lower levels.   

Parking passes at concession rates are available for eligible visitors when parked in public hospital car parks. Speak with the bedside nurse or ICU ward clerk to see whether you are eligible. 


The nearest bathroom for visitors is located in the ICU waiting room.   

Food and Beverage

The main café is called café corner is located on the same level as the ICU, the Café Courtyard can be seen from the ICU main door. To access the café you will need to walk around.  The Crown St corner café is located on level 2 (same level as ICU) building D. An additional coffee cart Café Change is located on level 2, building A.      

Patients may be fasting for a procedure or unable to eat and drink due to medical conditions therefore we ask visitors to refrain from eating and drinking in the ICU in front of patients.  

If your loved one can eat and drink, please feel free to bring them in a meal that you know they would like to eat. We ask you speak to a staff member before bringing in food and drink as some patients are unable to eat and drink what they use to be able to. We only have a small fridge for patients therefore we ask you to only bring in one meal at a time. 

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are allowed in the ICU we ask you to please switch them to vibrate or silent. Do not take photos or videos of the patient or treating practitioners. Wireless internet is available search for ‘Patients/Visitors' WiFi on your mobile device.  

Flowers and Balloons

Flowers and balloons are not allowed in the ICU due to risk of infection and allergy concerns.  We often have patients in the Intensive Care with lung infections, asthma or pneumonia and the pollens from flowers can make their condition worse. 

Taking Notes

Whether your loved one’s admission was planned following a surgery or unexpected, we understand the ICU can be very overwhelming and often it may be difficult to remember what the treating team have said or did. The environment and condition of your loved can change unexpectedly. We recommend taking notes to help keep track of what has happened or is going to happen. Taking notes may make it easier to update your support network such as other family and friends and follow up with ICU staff on tests and scans your loved one has had. 

Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips

More Information


Visiting the ICU

Please access for more information regarding visiting times, our recommendation for children visiting the ICU and if a member of your family is unwell.

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Taking Care of Yourself

It is vital that you take the time to look after yourself and reach out for support and guidance during this stressful time. We have provided a number of tips and recourses on ways that can help you during your journey as a family member in the ICU.

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Patient Safety

Patient safety is an essential component of high-quality care provided in the ICU. Our team have worked hard to establish a number of tools and strategies that ensures the ICU provides safe care, in the context of evidence-based practice and the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) requirements.

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The ICU Environment

We understand that entering the ICU can be very overwhelming. The environment is often very busy with many unfamiliar sights and sounds. We hope that this page can better orientate you to the bedspace and the various equipment you may encounter.

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Medical Rounds

Please access for further information about medical rounds within the ICU including rounding times, what rounds involve and how to receive updates from the medical team.

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Spiritual Care

In Nepean ICU we aim to accommodate for all kinds of spiritual care required and welcome families to speak to the team for recourses available within the hospital or to organise their own external support.

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Helpful Tips

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Your ICU Team

The Nepean ICU team consider patients and their families a central and vital part of our team, we value working together to deliver high quality care with compassion and respect to every patient. Our team are here to support and guide you and your loved one through this ICU admission.

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We understand that it can be very difficult to see your loved one acting differently or in a state of confusion. Please access for more information about delirium.

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Activities to do in ICU

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End of Life Care

The transition from active treatment to palliative/end of life care in ICU can often be sudden and unexpected. We recognise this is an overwhelming and emotional time for families and friends.

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Beyond Critical Care

Leaving critical care and going to the ward is an important step in your recovery process as your ICU stay only plays a small part in your journey in hospital. The following information will help you and your family learn more about the ward environment and provide some general information about your recovery process.

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