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Nepean hospital is a referral and teaching hospital of the University of Sydney with over 500 inpatient beds. It serves the local areas of Penrith, Hawkesbury and the Blue Mountains (comprising a population of 300,000 and rapidly growing) and accepts patients from as far as Lithgow and Bathurst via helicopter retrieval services. The hospital is currently undergoing an exciting $1 billion dollar redevelopment to become one of the largest hospitals in NSW, including a brand new 48-bed Intensive Care Unit due to open in 2025.

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Teaching hospital of the University of Sydney.
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Over 500 inpatient beds.
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$1 Billion dollar redevelopment.
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Brand new 48-bed Intensive Care Unit in 2025.
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Bordering the bustling metropolis of Sydney as well as the beautiful, World Heritage-listed, Blue Mountains, Nepean is easy access to the best of both worlds. Whether you prefer to wine-and-dine in world-class restaurants or prefer to explore your limits amidst the world-famous wilderness, working at Nepean offers you many opportunities to do both.

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Nepean Intensive Care is a great place to work, and a great place to train. The ICU has 24 beds and is a level 6 referral unit. It is large enough to offer a broad range of clinical exposure, yet small enough to develop strong working relationships. There are nine staff specialists, many of whom additionally work in prominent positions on important state and national critical care and academic bodies including CICM (including 3 examiners), Intensive Care NSW, ANZICS, University of Sydney, ASUM and the George Institute. This wealth of experience offers endless opportunities to trainees and fellows looking to develop their non-clinical or research skills, as well as providing plenty of exposure to college examiners alongside a structured, comprehensive ICU teaching program for all levels of training.

Nepean ICU is world renowned as a leader in critical care echocardiography education and research, at both basic and expert levels. It has developed close working and academic ties with the Cardiology and Respiratory departments with the exciting recent formation of a Cardio-Pulmonary Research Group with many current PhD candidates.

The Intensive Care Education and Training Centre or ICET, is a state-of-the-art facility offering lecture space, simulation tools, virtual reality resources, and media services, to help train the next generation of critical care professionals. This is currently used for a variety of courses and training initiatives, and fellows and trainees with an interest in education, particularly if it involves the innovative use of technology, will find all the resources here to match their imagination.

Nepean has a mature and well-funded ICU outreach service and medical emergency team, locally called ARTIC (Admission Review Team for Intensive Care). It provides hospital-wide interprofessional critical care expertise and training and is currently involved in an innovative research project using translational simulation to help guide the safety of hospital redevelopment.

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Our Medical Officer Opportunities

Nepean ICU offers a variety of medical officer positions including Senior Resident, Trainee, and Advanced Trainee roles, which are aligned with the training requirements of the College of Intensive Care Medicine. In addition, we offer five exciting ICU fellow opportunities for those wishing to expand their knowledge and skills in different areas. All fellows develop a broad range of fundamental skills in clinical leadership, education, research, and quality improvement, as they participate in these aspects of a leading ICU, but the focus of each role is slightly different.

Medica Officer Opportunities

Echo Fellow

This role is intended for candidates who ideally have passed their CICM fellowship examination, or equivalent, so they might devote their time to gaining advanced qualifications in echo (eg: DDU or the ASCeXAM). This training is often achievable within 12 months. The echo fellow participates in the ICU clinical fellow roster but at least half of the time is spent in the echo lab, learning and developing expert skills in ultrasound. They gain educational experience by supervising and coordinating the ultrasound training of junior trainees.

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Provisional Fellow

The provisional fellow is predominantly a clinical role with most of the time spent participating in the ICU clinical fellow roster. This is aimed at the clinician nearing the end of their training who is looking to gain further experience working at a senior level in a busy ICU and / or looking to complete the CICM fellowship exam.

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ARTIC Fellow

In addition to participating in the ICU clinical fellow roster, the ARTIC (Admission Review Team intensive Care) fellow has dedicated non-clinical time to help organise and lead the ARTIC service which includes the MET (Medical Emergency Team). This includes organising weekly hospital wide interprofessional critical care simulation and teaching. This is a role well suited to the fellow interested in education and simulation and who is ready to embrace the added challenge of a leadership role to gain experience in overseeing change management and quality improvement.

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Professorial Fellow

In addition to participating in the ICU clinical fellow roster, the Professorial fellow has dedicated non-clinical time to pursue special interests that may be of interest to that candidate (eg: research skills, educational techniques or pursuing advanced echo qualifications).

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Clinical Superintendent

This is a post-graduate role designed for the new CICM fellow who is ready to gain experience working independently as an Intensive Care Consultant. In addition to clinical work on the consultant roster, there is dedicated non-clinical time for the Clinical Super to develop a broad set of skills tailored to their professional interests. This is likely to include some combination of overseeing educational activities in the unit, leading quality improvement initiatives, exploring and participating in research opportunities, and broadening their echocardiography skills.

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Our Nursing Opportunities

Nepean ICU employs a variety of nursing positions including Nurse Manager, Clinical NUMs, Clinical Nurse Consultants (Research, Organ Donation, Intensive Care, Liaison Service), Research Coordinators, Nurse Educator, Clinical Nurse Educators, Admission Review Team Intensive Care nurses (MET nurses), Vascular Access Nurse, Data nurse, Equipment Officer, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Registered Nurses and Assistants in Nursing.

Nursing Opportunities
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Together, our nursing team provides crucial support within the ICU and wider hospital. We treat a mixture of medical and surgical high dependency and critically unwell patients, and we provide services to the hospital, including the Liaison service, ARTIC service, vascular access service and education.


Our ICU staff are supported with the Transition to Nursing Intensive Care program, Post-Graduate scholarship enrollment, regular inservicing and education workshops, conference support and secondment/relief opportunities. Locally developed LHD competency and career pathways are provided to guide staff in skill and knowledge acquisition as they become more experienced. Staff are encouraged to be involved in quality and safety projects and NSQHS portfolios.

Our two-pod general ICU patient cohort encompasses Cardiothoracics, Surgical, Neurosurgical, Obstetrics, major Ear/ Nose/ Throat surgery and general Medical. There are opportunities for skill development in arterial lines, inotrope management, CVADs, extra-ventricular drains and ICP monitoring, non-invasive ventilation, mechanical ventilation, haemodialysis, advanced cardiac monitoring and support (IABP, PA catheters) and proning.


Our nursing team is supported by our amazing medical and allied health teams… and social committee! We are currently undergoing a redevelopment and are looking to move into our new building in 2025 and would love to have you on board!

Nurse Manager

Clinical Nurse Consultants (Research, Organ Donation, Intensive Care, Liaison Service)

Nurse Educator

Admission Review Team Intensive Care Nurses (MET Nurses)

Data Nurse

Clinical Nurse Specialists

Assistants in Nursing

Clinical NUMs

Research Coordinators

Clinical Nurse Educators

Vascular Access Nurse

Equipment Officer

Registered Nurses

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