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The Nepean Hospital Intensive Care Research Department’s primary research goal is to support the design and conduct of high quality clinical research that focuses on improving appropriate patient centered outcomes.

The research department incorporates three main areas:


1. The Intensive Care Clinical Research Program, under the guidance of A/Prof Ian Seppelt.

2. The Nepean Genomic Research Group, led by A/Prof Sam Orde.

3. The ICU Research Service, led by Kristy Masters and Rebecca Gresham, Research Clinical Nurse Consultants.


The Intensive Care Clinical Research Program includes a combination of investigator initiated, collaborative group, and industry-sponsored trials. The main areas of research interest include Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), echocardiography, severe sepsis, fluid resuscitation, management of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients, renal replacement therapy, enteral and parenteral nutrition, selective decontamination of the digestive tract (SDD), sedation practices in the ICU, deep venous thrombosis (DVT) prevention, and gastric ulcer prevention.


The Nepean Genomic Research Group is involved in research investigating immune response of influenza infection, sepsis, biomarker discovery for infectious diseases, and respiratory virus infection. The Nepean Genomic Research Group has a strong grant history and have published the results of their research inquiry in leading scientific journals.


The CNC led ICU Research Service provides the necessary infrastructure to operate clinical trials and investigator led research within the intensive care unit. Projects currently in operation include multi-site sponsored clinical trials, collaborative group comparative effectiveness trials, platform trials, registry trials, investigator led RCTs, observational projects and nursing research.

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