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Organ Donation in Australia

In Australia at any given time, there are approximately 2000 people awaiting an organ transplant. In many circumstances, this organ transplant will save a persons life, in others, it will markedly improve their quality of life.

However Australia has one of the worlds lowest organ donation rates. Many families do not know what their loved ones wishes are in regards to organ donation, leaving them unable to make that decision when a person dies.

For this reason it is imperative that you talk to your family regarding your wishes, register on your drivers licence and register on the National Organ Donor Registry.




Tissue Donation in Australia

Unlike organs, tissues are something that the majority of people in Australia are able to donate after death. A corneal transplant can restore sight to people who have suffered from disease or trauma, donated skin can aid the healing of a burns victim, bones can help with joint reconstruction allowing improved mobility and heart valves can help children and adults with congenital heart problems.

One tissue donor can help more than 40 people. If this is something you would like to do, please discuss it with your family and register on the National Organ Donor Registry link above.

Organ & Tissue Donation At Nepean Hospital

Nepean Hospital has an Organ and Tissue Donation Team comprised of medical and nursing staff who are responsible for educating hospital staff, educating the local community, identifying potential donors, providing support to families going throught the organ donation process, collecting data and contributing to local and national guidelines, policies and procedures. The nurses and doctors caring for organ donors play a major role in the process, as do social workers and chaiplaincy services.

If you or your company are interested in learning more about organ donation and reside within the Penrith or Blue Mountains area you can contact the Nepean Organ and Tissue Clinical Nurse Specialist on (02) 47344138


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